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Click on any video to watch. They are in order of when they were made. We have a variety of videos, from fixing things in our house and RV to RV walk throughs.

Our very first video

Sprinkler Manifold Tips

Before we moved from the house, we had to fix the sprinkler.

Installing the Composting Toilet

Before we hit the road there were a few updates to be made. The composting toilets were one of the first.

Our First Trip

Our first trip to South Dakota. Still learning the basics of filming.

Installing a new convertor

The saga of how problems in your RV can have a trickle-down effect. I install a new convertor after only eight months in our rig, because of a clogged grey tank. Believe me, there is a connection.

Northern Colorado RV Show and a tour of the Fun Finder 26rb

We tour the Cruiser Fun Finder 26rb. While looking around the first annual Northern Colorado Rv Show, we wanted to find a nice rig to show you. There were a lot of people in some of the other rigs and it made it hard to film. This one I was impressed with the bathroom on a travel trailer and wanted to share with you. Looking at the floorplans of the Cruiser Fun Finders, it looks like they have a lot of really good floorplans.

Denver Rv Show 2020: New RV Brand Alliance

Mike and Kim head out to the Denver RV show 2020. Touring the new RV brand, Alliance. It was Very Nice. The Denver RV show is being broken into three parts, so please join Milling About for the next installment.

Denver RV Show Keystone Alpine 3800fk / 3801fk

In our second video from the Denver RV show, we tour the Alpine front Kitchen.

Denver RV Show Part 3 Vintage Cruiser by Gulfstream

A very quick tour on our way out of the Denver RV Show of the Vintage Cruiser. We were one of the last people out of the show.

Lux Factory Tour

We take a tour of the Lux factory and before leaving go on a walk-through of the Midbunk model. Music in Intro from

Solitude 380fl Air Conditioner Modification

Mike makes a modification to our air conditioner. This mod makes the air come through the vents more and quiets the ac. I can not guarantee this will not void your warranty, so do the mod at your own risk. Also please forgive the slightly blurry video, I just discovered my camera has a manual setting after this and a couple of my next videos were done.
Music in the intro from
Daughter in the background is playing undertale.

FireBall Fire Suppression System

The Fireball Suppression System is made in Colorado. In this video we introduce you to what it is and what it can do, as well as install one.

Grand Design Solitude 380FL Modifications
over the last year

Kim and Mike take you on a tour of the many things they have been modified and added to their 380FL over the last year of Full Time. Here are some links to the products in the video (we are not affiliates so make no money from these links.)
Music by
End Table-
Small Shelves
Flip up Counters
Pantry Organizer
RV Vent Insulator

Riverstone Legacy 39FK

We tour the Riverstone Legacy 39FK. Take a look around with us. Music by INOSSI

Laramie Mural Tour

Mike and I take a tour of the murals around Laramie Wyoming. You can learn more about these Murals at
​ Music by: LiQWYD - Take Off Limujii - Sweet Talks [FTUM Release] Luke Bergs - Aurora [FTUM Release] LiQWYD - Sunny

Keystone Avalanche 390 DS Walk Through, Three Bedrooms?

We tour the Keystone Avalanche 390 DS. This is not your average bunkhouse. There is a loft and two FULL bedrooms, complete with queen beds you dont have to fold out. It also has two full baths as well.

Install Weekend: Furrion Camera and TPMS

Installing the very important backup cameras and Tire pressure monitor.

Install Weekend: Table and closet mods

Working from home required having dual monitors. Mike made me a table mod to have more room and made me some shelves for my closet.

Pinewood Reservoir and Why we RV

Mike and I hike Pinewood and share our story.